Foods High In Omega 3

Discover Foods High In Omega 3

Can foods high in Omega 3 be enough to supply your daily requirements of Omega 3? Omega-3 fatty acids are one type of fatty acids that are deemed essential. They are said to contribute to good heart health as well as to the development and maintenance of brain function. There are studies linking these fatty acids to reduced symptoms of ADHD and incidence of Alzheimer’s diseases, too.

Taking advantage of these health benefits would have been much easier if the body produces these essential fatty acids. Sad to say, it does not. So people have to incorporate Omega-3 in their diet through, which, thankfully, is not difficult as there are plenty of foods high in Omega 3. But how much Omega-3 is recommended? Too little Omega 3 will be useless, while too much can be hazardous.

Foods High In Omega 3

According to some experts no more than 3 grams of Omega-3 should be taken by one to enjoy the benefits of these essential fatty acids. But other experts argue that it may not be enough for people with higher caloric requirements. Accordingly, the basic rule of thumb in determining how much is enough is to take .2% of the total number of calories required each day. So, if you are consuming, say at least 2,000 calories a day, your daily requirement for Omega 3 should be 4g, which is more than the recommended, according to some experts, at least.

So to be safe on the safe side, consult your doctor first before you add in Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Your doctor will look into your medical history to determine any history of bleeding problems. This is important because too much Omega 3 can cause the blood to thin, making things worse for people who are bleeders. Assuming this is not the case with you, 2-4 grams of Omega-3 may bring in positive results to your health.

Here are some of the foods that are high in Omega-3:

* 1 tablespoon of flaxseed plus a quarter of a cup of walnuts – these contain 4 grams of Omega-3.

* 1 cup of soybeans has roughly 1.0 gram of Omega 3.

* 4 oz of salmon contains 2 grams of Omega 3.

* 4 oz of tuna yields .4 gram of Omega 3.

* 1 cup of winter squash contains .3 gram of Omega 3.

* 1 oz of Olive Oil contains .2 gram of Omega 3.

* 4 oz of baked or broiled scallops has 1.1 grams of Omega 3.

* 4 oz of steamed or broiled shrimps has .4 gram of Omega 3.

* 4 oz of raw tofu has .4 gram of Omega 3.

One very important thing to remember is to avoid frying these foods, if you can help it. Frying reduces the nutritional value of Omega-3, and so even if you are using Olive Oil for cooking, you cannot expect the same amount of Omega-3from it anymore than when you use it to simply drizzle on your green salad. The same is true for the other foods high in Omega 3, so avoid frying them as much as possible.

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