General Guidelines When Choosing Omega 3 Supplements

How to Choose Omega 3 Supplements

Choosing from among the tons of Omega 3 supplements out there can be an overwhelming, experience. It seems that everyone wants the same thing, and scammers are taking advantage of that. There are possibly more fake supplements than those that really have value and can make a difference in your health, if you must know, so making time to review your options is always wise.

Then again, it can’t be easy if you don’t know what to watch out for in the first place. So here are a set of guidelines that can help you make an intelligent decision:

* Refer to the EPA-DHA content. EPA and DHA are two of the most crucial forms of fatty acids, and they should, ideally, come at a 2:1 ratio. High quality Omega 3 supplements do not fail to disclose this information, as well as the amounts of both the EPA and DHA. If you see just the total Omega-3 content, you are in all likelihood dealing with a product that will not get you positive results.

* Make sure it’s Pharmaceutical Grade. Omega-3 supplements that are labeled “pharmaceutical grade” are molecularly distilled, which essentially means that they have gone through the strict process of removing impurities, toxins, and other contaminants. Likewise, the EPA and DHA are more potent in Pharmaceutical grade supplements.

* Know the manufacturer of the supplement. This is especially true of health supplements manufactured by companies that are virtually unheard of – yet. Just because something is foreign-sounding does not mean it’s not worth a shot. It also goes without saying that just because something has been there for many years it does not make them the only choice out there. To check a manufacturer’s credibility, check it with Better Business Bureau. You can also make a random search of it on the internet.

* Omega-3 fatty acid supplements do not have to be expensive. If you are being presented with supplements that cost almost an arm and a leg, chances are you are being taken advantage of. Omega 3 supplements should prevent heart problems, not cause them in the first place, but that can happen when you are being asked to pay more unnecessarily.

Benefits of the Best Omega 3 Supplements

Referring to these guidelines when choosing Omega-3 supplements will significantly reduce your choices to the best of the best. And once you have zeroed in on the right supplement for you, you should be enjoying the following benefits:

* Reduced triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

* Regulated blood pressure levels.

* Sharper memory.

* More focus.

On the other hand, taking fake or low quality supplements may cause consequences (some serious), among them:

* Diarrhea, especially during the first few days.

* Unpleasant fishy after-taste.

* Heavy metal-poisoning.

* Allergic reactions, i.e. itchiness and rashes

* Weight gain. This has been reported, as well, although it’s not very clear how taking low quality Omega-3 supplements can lead to this.

Never compromise your health with substandard supplements. When choosing Omega 3 supplements, don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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