Omega 3 Dosage For Dogs

Dog lovers everywhere must surely be asking what is the right Omega 3 dosage for dogs. All those dog tales and puppy talks you must have heard or read about prove one thing – dogs really are a man’s best friend. And so it comes naturally for any dog lover out there to take care of his or her dog as one would take care of his or her best friend. Thus, if Omega-3 is found to be extremely beneficial to humans, it must offer more or less the same kind of benefits to dogs, too. And so you think about giving your dog Omega-3 fatty acids.

But if you think loading up your dog with the same amount of Omega-3 fatty acids (whether they’re from whole foods or from supplements) you take yourself is wise, think again. The Omega 3 dosage for dogs, apparently, cannot be the same as that for humans. Dogs are built differently, and they have different needs from humans. So if, for instance, you are taking one to two capsules a day of Fish Oil supplements with Omega-3 fatty acids to maintain good heart health, the same dosage may not work well for dogs under normal circumstances.

But as in humans, the dosage of Omega-3 for dogs depends on their weight and the condition it is intended to treat. If you have a small dog, a 250mg capsule twice a week is sufficient to maintain general well being. Then again if your dog has psoriasis and you want to treat it with Omega 3 capsules, a 500 mg capsule three times a week is recommended (for small dogs). If you have a large dog, increasing the dosage to 1200 mg three times a week should be able to take care of your dog’s skin problem.

Now the challenge is how to give your dog his dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. Well, you can perhaps include in his diet foods that are rich in Omega 3, just like fish, for instance. The problem is, it takes more than one fish to meet the desired Omega 3 fatty acids. And so you might just have to give your dog Omega-3 in capsule or gel form. You can be sure then that the dosage is controlled and exact. If your dog does not like the smell and the taste of it, try blending the gel and mix it with your dog’s favorite food.

It is important to understand that results cannot be immediate. They never are … even in humans. Even with all the hype about Omega-3 fatty acids, you cannot and must not expect miracles to happen overnight. Improvement in your dog’s physical condition, i.e. it being more active, having more lustrous fur, decreased cholesterol levels, and the like, is usually seen after a couple of months, at the very least, assuming that you are giving your dog the correct amount of Omega-3.

Talking to a veterinarian should simplify things for you, but it should also work to your benefit to learn the right Omega 3 dosage for dogs.

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