Omega 3 Dosage

There are factors that determine the right amount of Omega 3 dosage one should take. Even with all the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, one still has to be careful not to go beyond or under what is recommended. Anything when taken in excess can have some harmful (if not fatal) consequences.

Similarly, not taking enough Omega 3 will not have any significant positive effects to one’s health. So while Omega-3 fatty acids are essentially good, you need to take the right Omega 3 dosage to maximize their benefits. But how much is considered just right?

The dosage, apparently, depends on the condition you want to treat. Omega 3 as you know has loads of benefits. Although it’s always been linked to good heart health, Omega 3 is also very essential to brain development. It can also manage depression and anxiety attacks, prevent memory loss, and delay the ageing process.

When you have coronary heart disease, for instance, the recommended daily dosage of Omega 3 is 1000 mg. If you’re into eating whole foods, you would need one at most four servings of shrimp, two servings of salmon, and seven servings of cod.

If you have a problem with your triglycerides, bringing them to a normal level requires twice as much Omega-3 fatty acids. That means up to eight servings of shrimp, four servings of salmon, and 14 servings of cod! You’re probably thinking this is quite a lot to take in one day, and you’re right. Not only that, it’s expensive, too.

In addition, not many doctors recommend eating fish or seafoods on a daily basis for the reason that most of these creatures come from polluted waters. So while you will be benefiting from the Omega-3 fatty acids, you may end up harming yourself all the more because of the toxins that get into your system by consuming these foods. You might consider talking to your doctor about giving you supplements, then. Fish oil with Omega-3 supplements are invading the market and selling like hotcakes, but of course, this does not mean that you jump into the wagon with the rest without your doctor’s permission.

Keep in mind that too much Omega-3 can also cause bleeding or blood clotting problems, so taking them generously in the hope of hastening your recovery is not a wise move.

It is important to understand that when you are taking Omega-3 fatty acids, whether they are sourced from whole foods or from molecularly distilled supplements, you must commit to living a healthy life. Otherwise, all your effort to treat your problem will come to nothing.

If you are taking Omega-3 fatty acids to regulate cholesterol levels, you must take time to exercise, eat lots of greens, reduce consumption of foods loaded with saturated fat. If you are smoking, you must kick the habit, too.

Stuffing yourself with fat, living a sedentary lifestyle, and smoking only negate the positive effects of Omega 3. So even if you are taking the right Omega 3 dosage but continue to live a rather unhealthy lifestyle, you are not likely to see any positive results in your health.

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