Omega 3 Fish Oil Side Effects

What Are the Side Effects of Omega 3 Fish Oil?

In the midst of all the great reviews, there still is a need to know and understand Omega 3 fish oil side effects. Yes, research does reveal many good qualities of fish oil. Fish oil is particularly known for its effect on the heart. It can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, reducing the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks, and of course, death from these. Fish oil is also linked to brain development and brain function. Omega 3, the type of fatty acids that gives fish oil its nutritional value, is food for the brain. It boosts memory, sharpens focus, and prevents chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. There are also studies that claim of a possibility that fish oil can reduce symptoms of ADHD.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Side EffectsBut no matter how promising a product sounds, it still comes with side effects, so before you go buy anything because it claims to be “the best supplement ever” and is widely advertised, celebrity-endorsed, and positively-reviewed by “smart moms,” make time to know the other side of the coin – the downsides of taking fish oil.

Here are some of the most common things to be concerned about when taking fish oil with Omega 3 supplements:

* Mercurial poisoning. Mercurial poisoning is very much possible if the fish source comes from contaminated waters and the guidelines in processing fish oil into supplements are not observed strictly.

* Thinning of the blood. Fish oil supplements can make the blood less viscous. This is not at all a bad thing as it, in fact, means that blood is able to circulate or move about more smoothly. The problem with this is when you are the kind of person who bleeds easily or are already taking prescription drugs with blood-thinning properties.

* Allergies. There are people who develop rashes or who feel itchy after taking omega 3 fish oil. In some cases, the reaction can be worse. Don’t be too confident that the same will not happen to you even if you have no known allergies.

* Heartburn. Your heart is not on fire, and unless the burning sensation becomes severe with time, is radiating to the arms and shoulders, and is accompanied by cold sweats, it is very likely to be just a simply case of heartburn, a common side effect of fish oil supplements.

* Diarrhea. Loose stools or frequent bowel movements are a likely consequence of taking fish oil, especially during the first few days as your body is still adjusting to it. Nonetheless, you must see to it that it does not get severe or excessive as to cause dehydration, in which case controlling it is a must.

* Weight gain. Long-term consumers of Omega 3 have found themselves gaining weight over a period of time. How this comes to be is not really established, though.

* Unpleasant after-taste. Fish oil supplements may come with a fishy after-taste, especially they are not of good quality and not processed well enough to meet the highest grade for fish oil supplements.

Not everyone who takes fish oil may experience these omega 3 fish oil side effects, yet it still pays to be wise to know what these are and take steps to prevent them.

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