5 Common Myths About Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is not always a walk in the neighborhood. Though women tend to be primarily satisfied when they are expecting a baby, most of them can’t refuse that we now have aspects of being pregnant that they can do without. These items include morning sickness, nausea, bloated tummy along with stretchmarks. These things can really make conception an unbearable encounter. Stretchmarks, particularly, are a huge reason for issue for many females. In fact, you can find women who frequently decide never to get pregnant for fear in which they will end up with stretchmarks. In this way of pondering is usually brought upon simply by common myths that people carry on and spread. Listed here are the five common common myths everyone has concerning being pregnant and stretchmarks.

Stretchmarks are permanent – the cause of this myth comes from the fact that stretchmarks often look like scars. Since scars are permanent, and stretch marks looks like scars, then it goes to show that stretchmarks are also permanent. This flawed logic perpetuated the myth and made many women afraid to get pregnant. The reality is that stretchmarks can actually be removed through a variety of treatments. You can buy Argan oil, it is one effective remedy. You can check out any Argan oil review, not one fails to mention about Argan oil being great at treating stretchmarks.

Stretchmarks are only a result of pregnancy – while pregnant women often get stretchmarks, this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who do. Men and women that are not pregnant also get stretchmark through a selection of reasons. It’s not at all a skin problem that is exclusive to pregnant women only.

Stretchmarks are caused by the growing child – men and women often mistake that pregnancy stretchmarks develop from the baby bump which stretches skin on a woman’s stomach. This is inappropriate. The real reason behind stretchmarks in pregnant women is bodily hormones and not overstretched skin. Science backs this up. If a woman is able to obtain the right amount of hormones, her skin can get elastic enough that stretchmarks are avoided.

Stretchmarks disappear once the woman gives birth – many people assure women who are undergoing their first pregnancy that the stretchmarks will lower once they give birth. Sadly, while this may well be true for some, it isn’t really a certainty that all women who give birth should expect that their stretchmarks will disappear the moment their toddlers are delivered.

Stretchmarks are unavoidable – believe it or not, this is a myth. In fact, stretchmarks can be avoided through a number of ways. To start with, it is dependent on one’s diet. Then it also depends on skin care and choosing the right cream or lotion for it.

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5 Things Concerning Pregnancy Stretchmarks Some People Don’t Know About

One of the most difficult things to take care of during pregnancy and after pregnancy is stretch marks. A lot of girls should expect to have them and become willing to handle them effectively. Despite how common stretch marks are there are a lot of misconceptions from the causes, and how to make them go away. Before you go crazy about what direction to go, listed below are several things regarding stretch marks developed during pregnancy you will need to learn about.

Stretch marks simply manifest on your tummy?

The tummy is regarded as the common method to develop stretch-marks mainly because it stretches the easiest since your baby develops. But stretch marks can show up anywhere on the skin that grows (that is why some women use Argan oil all over their body). This means your bosoms, thighs, butt, arms, aren’t exception. Not everybody balloons during pregnancy however you might have a broad weight gain that’s normal.

Can anything be done about stretchmarks?

It’s correct that stretch marks are difficult to eliminate but it’s not possible. The key while being pregnant is keeping your skin healthful through every layer. That means drinking lots of water, simply no smoking, no alcohol, a healthy diet plan and frequent exercise. There are some ointments that can be used to help keep your skin moisturized as well. By maintaining it moisturized you conserve the elasticity and provide your skin a much better ability to manage the stretch of pregnancy.

If you keep thin or don’t acquire much fat, you’ll not get stretch marks?

It doesn’t make a difference how modest you were before getting pregnant. The development of your stretch marks is influenced by genes, hormones, diet regime, and your baby’s development. Stretch marks have little to do with being overweight, it’s has to do with how quick the skin exercises. Whether via puberty or even pregnancy a person can’t control it.

Stretch marks disappear if you shed the pounds?

Stretch marks aren’t a skin discoloration, they’re scar problems. Like any scar you get on your skin they’re pretty persistent. Although you may work out and have a body like a super model (useful to you!) you’ll still have these little lines. To reduce these little lines, make use of the best Argan oil products.

Tanning will make stretch marks fade?

As said before, stretch marks do not have anything to do with your skin color so they really won’t respond the same way if they are exposed to the sun (or perhaps a tanning bed). Actually because a stretch mark is a tear of the under layers of skin you must take extra care to cover them up with sunscreen as sun burnt stretch marks truly hurt!

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The Process of In Vitro Fertilization

When we talk about in vitro fertilization we are referring to fertility that is taking place outside of the body at least partially, two of the main reasons why doctors use in vitro fertilization is because the woman’s tubes may be blocked or the man may have a very low sperm count. IVF involves the collection and harvesting of eggs which are mature enough to be fertilized by sperm that has been collected.

The first step is ovulation induction, fertility drugs are use to stimulate the ripening of the egg, it is usually done in order to capture multiple eggs as some of them may not be fertilized. Egg production and development is monitored through the use of ultrasounds and by using blood tests.

An ultrasound may be utilized to help guide a needle through the pelvic cavity in order to take out the eggs. This is the second stage, the patient will then be put under local anesthesia to make retrieving the eggs as painless as possible. This removal of eggs is reffered to as follicular aspiration. Some women may experience cramping once the eggs have been removed from the ovaries.

In the third stage of the process the male partner is asked to provide sperm, this is collected from the man’s ejaculate. In the fourth step which is known as insemination, both sperm and egg are placed in incubators. An incubator creates the perfect atmosphere for fertility to take place.

Sometimes if doctors sense that conception will be difficult then a single sperm is often isolated and it is used solely in the attempt at fertilization. The eggs are constantly monitored to make sure that cell are dividing and that fertilization is taking place. Once eggs become fertilized they are called embryos.

The fifth step is when the embryos are transferred to the uterus. This can occur from one day to one week later. The embryo is now a two or four cell embryo. A speculum is inserted into the vagina in order to get pass the cervix and into the uterus. A special number of embryos are then inserted in the uterus using a catheter. The process is painless for most women but there are exceptions and some women report mild discomfort. Finally, ultrasound and blood tests are done to see if implantation was a success and if a baby has been created.

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What Is Endometriosis?

Endometrial cells are shed each month during menstruation. Endometriosis occurs when there is an overgrowth of endometrial cells. The overgrowths mimic the endometrial cells that are found inside the uterus and then form themselves in areas that are outside of the uterus. These cells are called endometriosis implants and they attach themselves to tissues surrounding the womb. Endometriosis implants are often found on the fallopian tubes, ovaries, on the surface of the pelvic cavity or they may even be found in the intestines, bladder, cervix or vagina. Endometriosis implants have even been found in the liver and around the lung and brain although this is quite rare. These implants are never cancerous.

Unfortunately, endometriosis often has the terrible timing of affecting women while they are in their most fertile years. Needless to say it makes fertility very difficult, challenging or impossible in the most severe cases. A lot of young women find themselves battling this condition between the ages of twenty five to thirty five years, this is the time when a lot of women are ready to start a family. In rare cases though this problem has been known to present itself in girls as young as eleven years old. One of the major problems with endometriosis is that it often shows no symptoms and is actually the leading cause of hysterectomies in women.

The reason that endometriosis occurs has been the cause of much speculation between doctors and scientists. Some scientists believe that the areas that line the pelvic cavity contain cells that are able to grow and form into other tissues. Other scientists hypothesize that endometrial tissue gets into different places in the body when menstrual flow goes back into the fallopian tubes as well as the pelvic cavity during a woman’s period.

Medictions that are commonly employed to treat endometriosis are oral contraceptives as well as gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analogs these help to relieve pain by reducing the production of estrogen in the woman’s ovaries by doing this it stops the release of a large amount of hormones from the pituitary gland which is responsible for regulating hormones. This cause a faux menopause to occur and effectively stops the menstrual period. Oral contraceptives also work well for regulating hormones because they contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

This form of treatment usually works well, as the oral contraceptives combine (estrogen and progesterone).Progestins are more powerful than birth control pills and are prescribed for women whose pain does not subside with birth control pills or they may not be able to take birth control pills.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

A woman suffers from Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when about 12 cysts develop in the ovaries, the ovaries produce more testosterone than is required and ovulation is often erratic and does not occur every month, some women may not menstruate at all because the follicles in the ovaries do not develop. Many women have polycystic o varian cysts about 1 in 4 have polycystic ovaries but the symptoms are mild and these women do not produce an excessive amount of male hormone, so it does not really hinder ovulation or menstruation and so these women live a normal life. However, 1 in 10 women have polycystic syndrome.

There are many factors that are believed to cause Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a few of them are insulin deficiency, heredity and obesity. Insulin is a hormone that you make in your pancreas (a gland behind your stomach). Insulin is used by the body to control blood sugar level but insulin also causes the ovaries to produce more testosterone. Women who have PCOS often develop a resistance to insulin. This resistance causes the body to produce more insulin and testosterone thereby interfering with the follicle development in the ovary. This hinders ovulation and menstruation. The compounded effect is the inability to conceive or problems conceiving. This excessive amount of testosterone produces an overgrowth of hair on the body, including facial hair. The increase in insulin may sometimes cause weight gain.

Carrying too much weight can cause PCOS to get much worse. Too much weight triggers more insulin production and this is what leads to the condition getting worse.

The symptoms of polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are as follows:

1. Irregular periods are a feature of this condition, some women menstruate and some do not menstruate at all. In fact up to seventy percent of those who suffer from endometriosis have problems with the regularity of their period.

2. Women with PCOS have a tendency not to ovulate, this makes conceiving impossible as ovulation is the major part of the process of conception.

3. Frequently facial, chest and abdomen hair are present.

4. Acne may be present well past puberty, thinning of the hair often resembles that of men who are going bald.

There are many changes that should be made to make it easier for a woman with endometriosis to cope this condition these include lifestyle and diet changes. Hormones may also be given through birth control pills that contain progesterone. Diabetes medication may also be given to slow insulin production. Fertility drugs such as clomid may also be utilized to curb this endometriosis.

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Antenatal Testing And Your Pregnancy

As you get further into your pregnancy your physician will wish to do numerous tests these are referred to as antenatal tests. These test are just normal routine tests. Your doctor should tell you the objective of each test that is being done.You’ll generally have your weight checked even though some doctors are not really keen on it anymore as this varies a lot, as there are expectant mothers who gain very little and those who gain many pounds. A great deal of the additional weight comes from the child however the rest of it originates from the body creating fat reserves so that the mother can make breast milk over the next couple of months.

Your weight is usually checked at each visit, however some doctors have now stopped checking weight because it varies so much. Most of the weight is from the baby but a lot of it also comes from the reserves of fat that you will need to produce breast milk in the upcoming months. Your doctor will also check your urine at every visit to make sure you do not have any protein in it. Protein in urine is usually an indicator that pre-eclampsia may be developing, This is a serious condition that can harm mother and baby.

Pre-eclampsia will cause flashing lights and spots to appear before an expectant mother’s eyes. Your doctor will also check your blood pressure as an elevated blood pressure is part of this condition. Your blood tests are often done to find out several things such as if you are rhesus positive or negative because if you are pregnant and rhesus negative, then injections are required very early in the pregnancy to prevent a miscarriage. There is usually a great risk of this happening if the woman has had a child before or even a miscarriage. Blood tests also check for anemia which happens quite a bit in pregnancy and you will need to get supplements if your blood count gets low.

Blood tests also help your doctor to detect whether or not you are suffering from anemia which causes a low blood count, this is quite common in pregnancy and must be treated with iron supplements. Your blood tests will also detect whether or not you have HIV. HIV infections must be treated immediately so that it doesn’t infect the child.

By 18 to 20 weeks all pregnant women would have been given at least one ultrasound, at 18 to 20 weeks you can identify defects and also find out the gender most of the times. This is usually the part that most expectant couples find the most exciting as they will finally know if they are having a little boy or a little girl so that they can know which color baby clothes to purchase and how to decorate the nursery.

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Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is used by doctors to help treat infertility. This is done by introducing sperm into either the vagina, uterus or fallopian tubes. The best and preferred method is to place the sperm directly into the uterus as this makes the sperm’s journey to the egg much smoother and shorter thereby increasing the chance that the egg will be fertilized by the sperm as quickly as possible.

The method does not meet with the same level of success as In Vitro fertilization treatments. It nevertheless has barely no negative effects and this is precisely what makes it so perfect for all those who do not wish to cope with all the hassle of more invasive techniques.

It’s also a good form of treatment for men whose sperm have issues with swimming to the egg in order to fertilize it. As mentioned before sometimes the sperm is introduced into the fallopian tube, this is done in order that those women who are suffering from endometriosis or uterine abnormalities have a better chance at conception.

If a woman doesn’t generate sufficient cervical mucus this makes it extremely challenging for sperm to make that journey towards the egg because this mucus is utilized by sperm to reach the womb, so if a patient does not generate sufficient quantities, it tends to make it challenging for sperm on their way to try to fertilize an egg.

The sperm is thoroughly washed once it is collected and the most viable sperm is collected in an instrument called a centrifuge. The sample is inserted into the woman’s body by way of a catheter. This sometimes causes cramping in the woman and a bit of spotting but this soon subsides and the woman goes about her daily routine, after lying flat on her back for about fifteen minutes.

The sperm is collected and washed in order to ensure that substances that would defeat the insemination are properly removed. Chemicals are introduced in order to find and separate what the doctors consider to be the best sperm. An instrument called a centrifuge is then used to collect the sperm. The sperm sample is introduced by a catheter. Cramps are sometimes felt and light bleeding might follow, this goes away very quickly. The woman is asked to lie on her back for fifteen minutes after which she can move on to her daily routine.

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Cravings In Pregnancy

During pregnancy cravings are natural, so is having strong aversions. Powerful cravings as well sudden dislikes of foods that were once eaten are commonplace in pregnancy and while any doctor will not show much concern over this, they will however start showing concern when these craving start to extend to unnatural and harmful substances that have no nutritional value.

It is believed by most that iron deficiency during pregnancy sometimes shows up in the strange ways, occasionally there may be a craving for dirt, starch, chalk, the milder form of this and safest involves a craving for ice. This is known as pica. The word pica originates the latin for magpie.The magpie is a bird that eats just about anything.

Pica is often believed to be associated with iron deficiency and most doctors will test for this once pica is identified in an expectant mother.There are of course other cravings which are considered perfectly normal, so lets take a brief look at them.

Let’s look at some regular craving and what some nutritionist think they mean. It is thought that a craving for chocolate may mean there is a deficiency in magnesium, consuming more vegetables and nuts should curb the problem. A longing for chicken can mean that you need more protein. Likewise some nutritionists believe that an aversion to certain food or drink in pregnancy is simply a natural reaction to what is potentially harmful for the fetus.

Some of the food aversions are psychologically based an aversion to wine or caffeine based beverages may be due to the fact that these beverages are not healthy for pregnant women and once a woman knows this her mind kicks into maternal mode and she develops a dislike for these beverages.However to date no substantial research has been done to pinpoint the cause of cravings in pregnant women or their aversion to foods they once liked.

Nevertheless no substantial research has been carried out that can definitively tell us what causes powerful cravings as well as such powerful aversions. The only thing an expectant mother can really do is give in to some of these cravings as long as they are healthy and keep her and baby well nourished. When these cravings are not met they don’t go away and will seriously hamper your concentration.

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How To Read Your Unborn Child

It’s still not broadly recognized that babies ought to be read to even prior to being born, reading to your unborn infant is really a fantastic concept. Keep in mind that your infant will start to hear sounds in the environment from 18 to 20 weeks. So it’s a great concept to begin reading around this time, this will calm your infant from inside the womb.

You can also get dad to read sometimes too so that the baby becomes even more familiar with his voice from within the womb, just imagine the familiarity and security your baby feels every time you read the same story over and over again.

There has been a lot of evidence to signal that kids who are exposed to literature from within the womb have a tendency to be quiet and calm from the exact same story once they are born. This is great for babies who might possess a tendency to become fussy. You may wish to try various books in the beginning simply to add variety.

So take a trip to your nearby book shop for some assistance with choosing some brief but efficient classics. Some research was done in Amsterdam these researchers discovered that babies whose mothers watch a particular soap opera each day, usually had a tendency to know the theme song once they were born. Babies also cry in the accent of their native country.

If you still don’t feel the push to read to your child, consider this, researchers in Amsterdam found out that a baby whose mother listens to a familiar theme song from a soap opera will respond to the music once they are born. So you can clearly see that what is heard inside the womb has an impact on the child outside of the womb.

Don’t forget to play music to your baby as the songs they hear will also comfort them outside of the womb, some people swear that classical music is the best music and that it makes babies smarter but researchers are yet to give a definitive answer on this, however there can be no doubt that music is essential to a babies development and should be an important part of what your child hears, so even if you don’t play anything be sure to sing a lot, if you can manage it, your baby will be the better for it.

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Exercise And Pregnancy

Many women seem to think that when they are pregnant it really isn’t a good idea to exercise, there is nothing further from the truth. When you are pregnant as long as you are having a healthy pregnancy it is a great time to stay active. You can exercise for up to two and a half hours per week during pregnancy. Exercise is a great way to keep your body healthy and keep you at the right weight. Hitting the gym is a great way to relieve stress and to ensure that your body is ready to have your baby. Of course consulting your doctor before beginning is vital. While exercise is good, it really is true that not all women who are pregnant can and should exercise. Women with heart problems should stay a away from exercise in pregnancy. So should women with an incompetent cervix, women who experience vaginal bleeding as well as those carrying,twins and triplets. Women who suffer from high blood pressure as well as iron deficiency anemia, high blood pressure and diabetes should use extreme caution when they consider exercising. If you have been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, a condtion in which you have excessive protein in the urine and experience flashing lights and see spots, then you should stay away from exercise .

Exercising will decrease your stress levels and keep you at the proper weight during your pregnancy. However if a woman suffers from heart problems, has an incompetent cervix , has been having vaginal bleeding or if she is having multiples then it is best that she stay away from all forms of exercise. Women who have been diagnosed as having high blood pressure or anemia, must be careful how they exercise in pregnancy. There is also a serious condition known as pre-eclampsia in which a woman experiences swelling in the, ankles, feet, face and sees spots and flashing lights. Women like these definitely should not exercise.

More recently, exercise videos have been made targeting pregnant women and many fitness places have begun to develop exercise programs geared directly toward women who are expecting. These programs are great for pregnant women as they target areas that will give optimum fitness levels without injuring the baby. The best exercise for pregnant women include swimming and walking. Swimming provides great support for your growing bump as well as giving a good all over body workout.

There are some exercises however that should be completely avoided during pregnancy, these are riding horses, kickboxing, skiing and contact sports such as soccer and basketball which may cause your tummy to get hit and result in damage to the placenta or a miscarriage. Moms to be must become spectators in this sport not participants.

It has been found that post-partum depression is more prevalent in women who are having babies for the first time, mostly because the experience of giving birth and the responsibility that comes with motherhood, can be overwhelming. Exercise is a great way for these women to feel great and keep healthy.

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